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Money has a way of cleaning out peopleís ears. If you have something you want people to know about and you want to be taken seriously, a big bank account will certainly give you a nice soap box on which to stand. Thatís not to say at different periods in our past some poor soul didnít make some kind of substantial impact on society as a whole by standing on a street corner giving speeches perched high on a wooden crate, but those days are long gone.

The acoustics are much better in the places where people are comfortable, venues where the wealthy gather to meet, greet, wine, and dine. With the proper entertainment and stimulation an audience can be captivated long enough to listen to just about anything. Private agendas are easy to push when they are resting on bank rolls. Concepts that would never be given a second look suddenly become in vogue when the right palms are greased.

The shifting of money from one cause to another happens every day. Take a schools athletic program for example. Letís say, the wealthiest man in town has a son that plays quarterback but the football program is in danger of being cut due to lack of available funding. Since it is important that this man see his son excel in football he will not hesitate to call the people responsible for making the districts funding decisions to make his wishes known, and to offer suggestions and incentives. Suddenly girlsí soccer just isnít feasible, nor is girlsí softball or new uniforms for the band because that kind of funding just isnít there this year. On closer inspection the people who made this decision are now sporting nicer clothing, bigger jewelry, or going on cruises. Or, what about all the hell raising that goes on when rich school districts are asked to distribute their excess funds to poorer school districts. Put to a vote, itís not going to end up in favor of the poorer schools. Money talks in so many different ways, itís impossible to count. To think it would speak in such a fashion as to always stand up for the common good would be fantasy at its best.

Money has no master, itís free to do as it pleases and allows those it associates with to do the same.


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