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Sometimes the only way to get the mule to move is by dangling the golden carrot. In this particular case, the mule would be the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the carrot is a lot of American money to be spent for the sole purpose of enticing Taliban fighters to jump ship and start working with us rather than against us. Obviously, what we have been trying to do in the past is getting absolutely nowhere. The death toll is mounting daily, the Afghan people are becoming unhappy with our presence, and the Taliban is getting better and better at what they do.

Will waving our money around, under their noses truly work to our advantage or will it just give Taliban fighters a better life for their families while they laugh behind our backs and continue to the fight the fight they have been religiously programmed for?

These people are not like us. These people are willing to die for what they believe, they are willing to sacrifice their children's lives for what they believe, they are willing to kill themselves and as many people as they can in the process. Does it really seem feasible to think that offering people who carry such hate for America and everything she stands for some money is suddenly going to reprogram them and make them come over to our side?

Being poor in Afghanistan and being poor in the United States is not even close to being the same thing. If we were dangling the carrot in front of the corrupt government officials over there we might stand a chance at some semblance of co-operation. Dangling the carrot in front of someone who has only known poverty and hunger may not elicit the same response. You donít miss what you donít know. These are simple people, with simple needs. The only thing of importance many of these fighters have is their religion and they will not turn their backs on that in exchange for the infidelsí bribery. Those in power here probably can not fathom that since so many in Washington seem to have no religion and regularly take money that is dangled before them. That is not to say that many Taliban will not take what is being offered, many will, but there is a very good possibility that our money will not get the dedication and commitment that we so desperately need.


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