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Why We Hate Taxis

Whether your car has broken down or you are without a vehicle entirely, many people cringe at the idea of hiring a taxi. Walking, running, biking, or even crawling to the destination on broken shards of glass is often preferable to calling for a cab. Why do we hate taxis so much? Notorious for sensory offenses and often piloted by those with questionable driving practices, the back seat of a taxi is second only to the dentist's chair for unpleasantness.

The Germaphobe's Worst Nightmare

In the typical work day, dozens of people are in and out of the back seat of the average taxi. These people may have coughed, sneezed, dropped food or beverages, or may have not washed their hands since last Thursday. They may have been covered in grime from their job or sweaty from working out at the gym. Now, their filthy germs are covering every surface in the cab, including the door handle needed for egress. Anyone with a healthy fear of germs is disgusted by taxis.

The Olfactory Offense

Those with a sensitive sense of smell have been known to gag when ensconced within the confines of a taxi. The aforementioned food, drink, and body odor of the previous patrons lingers in the cab, coalescing into a stench so pungent that lowering the window for some fresh air is an absolute necessity. The offense is often compounded by a chain-smoking driver or several tree-shaped air fresheners danging from the rear-view mirror and emanating noxious perfumes. Pregnant women and small children, with their acute noses, often hate riding in taxis due to the smell alone.

Demolition Derby Drivers

While most cabbies are rather sedate behind the wheel, some seem to be blissfully unaware of the fright of their passengers as they speed, follow too closely, make dangerous lane changes, and cut off other vehicles with impunity. Passengers who have suffered in a car accident in the past are often traumatized by the experience and are all too sensitive to dangerous driving. Being goaded into a panic attack on your way to work by a cabbie who thinks he is on the race track instead of downtown is a terrible way to start the day.

Chatty Cabbie

Some taxi drivers are silent, and others will keep talk pleasant and light. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself trapped with the chattiest driver in the city. Of course, this fate will occur on a cross-town fare in rush hour, leaving the driver plenty of time to rant about sports, politics, or attempt to convert you to their religion. On and on they will drone, until you would rather consider leaping from the vehicle than listen to another moment. Many quiet, introverted types despise the chatty cabbie conundrum, and would do anything to avoid it.

The reasons for hating taxis are as varied as the people who drive them. Whether it's a backseat reeking of curry, a poor driver who is raving about cricket, or fear of flesh-eating bacteria, the pensive taxi patrons of the world have plenty of reasons for their feelings.

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