Car Insurance from The Rental Agency

I never get insurance from the rental car agencies from which I rent cars. And I luckily, have never been in an accident in a rented car. I think the main reason that I don't go for those policies is that the one time I tried to get one, the salesman actually refused to let me read over the paperwork, and tried to get me to commit by simply saying, "You are fully covered, don't worry!" Since then I have always looked at those policies with a kid of sideways glance.

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However, one recent and pretty funny event in my life actually turned me on to a better alternative, especially for business travelers who rent cars a lot. I had never thought to obtain temporary car insurance for a period of a month, but I was going to be on an extended business trip, and I the company accountant thought that it might be a good idea. However, when I think of temporary car insurance, I always think of those companies advertising with the awful commercials at 3 o clock in the morning in the middle of some infomercial for an equally scammy product. Boy, was I ever wrong.

So I step off of the plane for my business trip and something just feels wrong. As I head over to the rental car place to pick up my car for the month, I am hit by a sense of dread. So I immediately drive to the nearest address for temporary insurance given to me by my accountant, park the car, and go inside with the full intent to purchase a policy.

Fortunately for that company, this salesman was more than willing to let me look at each and every policy option they had available, and was more than knowledgeable about his products. He was even able to recount stories of previous clients and how their trips were saved by temporary insurance. Well, I was hooked. I chose the policy that lasted for a month and had a few other odds and ends that I needed and signed on the dotted line.

No sooner had I done that than someone rear ends my car in the parking lot. Pretty hard, I might add. The police report said 25 miles per hour.

The rental car was barely driveable, and the first thing that the rental agent did when I called him was express his "regrets" that I had not purchased an insurance policy while I had been at the airport terminal, because now I "would be responsible for all the damages." He said it in a tone that did not exude the least bit of sympathy, as if he were reading off of a script. I hung up on him, as angrily as you can hang up on someone with a digital touch smartphone, and looked at my new agent.

He immediately informed me that everything was taken care of and that he would represent the company on my behalf in court, because I had signed the policy before the accident had taken place. Boy, was I relieved.

Moral of the story: I don't rent cars from the place I went before, but I always get temporary car insurance now for business trips from the agency I used there. Best investment I have ever made in my life!

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