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Money makes the world go round, period. It makes people or breaks people. Money or the lack of it is likely one of the main causes of suicide because it leads to depression. Songs have been written about it and philosophiesí telling us money doesnít buy happiness sound viable, but we know it isnít really the truth. The Beatles sang, ďCanít buy me love,Ē but love is bought and sold everyday like candy.

People kill for it, lie, cheat, and steal to for it. The desire for money can be as strong as the desire for crack cocaine, thereís something about it that causes people to throw their better judgment to the wind and snuff out their families just to grab on to the fortune that lies just beyond their grasp. Money doesnít talk loud at all, it actually whispers, but the whisper is deafening when the desire for it is all consuming.

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Money is just like any other drug. You wake up in the morning thinking about it and go to bed at night the same way. If you have it, youíre worried about losing it; if you donít have it, youíre worried about getting it. Money talks to all of us and tells each of us just what we want to hear. Or do we really want to hear it? How peaceful life could be if money wasnít the driving force behind everything we do.

Unfortunately, it is the driving force; the ink and fiber blood that weaves its way not through our veins, but through our very lives. We canít live without it. We canít sustain life in these United States without it. If not for the Chinese the United States would be dead on arrival right now, but thanks to their infusion of life giving money the heartbeat of our weak and failing economy is getting stronger with each passing day. So what if the cost to receive this monetary plasma is signing over America. Itís a small price to pay so that CEOís still get their bonuses on time and Wall Street can keep stockholders on the edge of their seats, salivating at the prospect of making another killing in the stock market just like the good old days. Money talks, but is it talking to the right people and for the right people? The wealthy will say yes, the poor would say no, if they had a voice that anyone would listen to. Unfortunately it seems in this day and age it is the wealthy that have the strongest voice, their money speaks for them.

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